My Aunt Marge the Stunt Pilot

My Great Aunt Marj is awesome! She is gathering old family photos and helping me better understand our rather distinguished family heritage in aviation. Sharing these notes with friends, interested scale pilots and our R/C customers who have been in the Hobby-Lobby family for over 44 years is a real bonus! 

While I was asking about the several different fantastic airplanes Aunt Marj owned and flew, I learned she owned a Citabria stunt airplane! How about that? 

Knowing her as I do, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Even still, I was amazed…”It’s airbatic spelled backwards,” she said, and then went on to describe the rolls and maneuvers she pulled over the criss crossing, perfectly straight California farm roads, far below. Marj’s stunt flying days were limited (who knows, it may not have been exciting enough for her) and eventually, she sold that airplane and acquired several other mouthwatering sky charriots. 

I hope I live to be 83 and I would kill to be in the kind of razor sharp condition she is in… she is an inspiration for me and my daughters for sure.