I missed one week of the BHC over spring break.  Our Royal Caribbean cruise with family and friends was a wonderful recharge, a lot of laughs and a well deserved break.  I was determined to find a way to continue working out on this cruise.  

Yeah right.

On the first day, I attended the presentations and orientations on all the fitness classes.  I met the trainers, put time into reviewing all the workout resources, signed up for several sessions and told everyone how excited I was to continue working out on the cruise.  I signed up for the 8:00 am yoga class!!!  My friends encouraged me between polite giggles.  

On the first day, my wife and I worked up a sweat on the treadmill.  The next day, I skipped class.  Predictable.

It’s  not that we were inactive.  We were all very active.  We didn’t miss an excursion, from beach volleyball to the zip line adventure.   One highlight was getting stopped on the ship, because I was wearing Swiftwick work out shirts (all day, every day) and that sparked opportunities to met some great fans of the brand from all over the country – and talk socks.  We talked about fitness, their goals and kids. We made a point to avoid the elevator to climb twelve decks of stairs several times a day!  I got my first ever acupuncture, working on a bum knee.  I owned the sauna.  

…but the food.  The food is a killer.  I ate healthy meals.  Unfortunately, they were all healthy meals.  Almost no sweets.   That’s good.   I even made entries into my Fitness Pal.  That’s good.  I recorded most of the wine, honestly.  But I was, in the end, on vacation.  

How many calories can you burn reading a Dirk Pitt novel on a sun deck?

I’ll call it “the missing week” – and I have five more weeks to pay for it.