CEO Hobby Lobby International

Jay Graves
Partner at SSB Consulting Group
Marketing and Advertising
Nashville, Tennessee
When you look up the word “entrepreneur” in the dictionary you are likely to find a picture of Mark. Without question he is one of the most driven people I’ve met in business – he cares about the bottom line, the people that work for him and building organizations that perform at the highest levels.

Co-Founder & CEO of Swiftwick

Michael Thompson
Managing Partner
Information Technology and Services
Greater Nashville Area
Mark and his company have been valuable business partners; sponsoring teams, providing retail expertise, and coming through for A-Game Sportsplex in last minute orders. The product is top quality and Swiftwick is continually innovating.

Michael Newman
President at In Business Media
Marketing and Advertising
Eugene, Oregon Area
For over 20 years I’ve know Mark professionally and personally. His continued success and level of energy serve as an inspiration to many. Swiftwick is one of Mark’s most recent success stories, growing a business tremendously and expanding into new products and markets. I appreciate the connection with Swiftwick as a client of ours and I personally love the product. I’ve thrown away all my old short sport socks and wear Swiftwick exclusively, even in place of dress socks! Perfect for the golf course and cycling and working out at the gym.

Marshall Martin
Chief Operating Officer-UL Workplace Health and Safety
Information Technology and Services
Greater Nashville Area
Mark Cleveland is an extremely experienced entrepreneur that has the ability to turn even the simplest ideas into extremely successful outcomes. I had the privilege of working with Mark as an athlete testing Swiftwick Socks when Mark was ramping up the company. Mark saw a market in which he quickly realized that if you build a great product people will purchase. He also realized the importance of a grass roots network of distribution…

Kraig Haberer
COO at SiteHawk
Computer Software
Greater Nashville Area
Mark is an innovative and energetic entrepreneur. Not only does he possess a great eye for the opportunity, he’s relentless in the development and execution of those ideas which results in incredibly valuable business outcomes.

Don Green, LEED AP
Water Quality Supervisor at Chattanooga, MS4 Water Quality Program
Environmental Services
Greater Nashville Area
I have had the pleasure of working with Mark in multiple capacities, and could not more highly recommend him as an honest, thoughtful, driven business executive. Mark is true to his word, smart, ingenious and a man whom I would want on any team I had any time. If you are lucky enought to work with him, you will understand what I mean.

Nelson Andrews
Owner, Andrews Cadillac/Land Rover Nashville
Greater Nashville Area
Mark and I have worked together on a mix of civic and marketing projects ranging from a panel on Environmentally Sustainable Business Practices to the Dirt Sweat and Gears 12-hour Endurance Race. His style of blending expertise with good natured humor makes me look forward to our next project together. The Swiftwick socks are good too – I’m wearing a pair as I write this, and I’m not making that up.

Dave Wisenteiner
Principal at The Revenue Foundry
Professional Training & Coaching
Greater Denver Area
Mark is a great guy who knows how to get things done when others don’t he is made up of equal parts enthusiasm and drive and has a knack for getting even the biggest projects off the ground. Mark often helps you see ways to accomplish your goals when you yourself don’t find them possible. And he makes a mean pair of socks!

President of TripPak SERVICES

Eric Levine, MBA, PMP, CSM
TOC Computer Supervisor at Sungard Availability Services
Information Technology and Services
Greater Denver Area
Mark is a tremendous manager and motivator. What I appreciate the most about his management style is his ability to mentor employees and help them see career paths they never knew they could be good at. Mark had the vision and trust in me in my career and when a C Level Manager shows that to you, you would go through hell for them! Mark is what I have strived to be in my own career since working for him! Working with Mark has been a highlight of my career thus far and affected my opinion of what a mentor should be. If you get a chance to work with/for Mark, you should jump at the opportunity. I would work for him again in an instant!

Mitch Hixon
Vice President Sales & Account Management
Information Technology and Services
Greater Nashville Area
Mark is one of the most dynamic individuals I have ever known. His energy, commitment, and intellect is amazing and contagious. I am thankful for the opportunity and experience gained under Mark’s direction.

Cemile Bagci Logue
RSM- Regional Sales Manager at DHL Global Mail
Logistics and Supply Chain
Greater Nashville Area
While Mark was President at TripPak, I worked with him in my capacity as a DHL National Account Manager with great results. He is an outstanding, creative thinker and a natural leader who has spearheaded many positive and innovative programs. In addition, Mark is honest, driven and a real pleasure to work with and brings years of experience and a distinguished record of achievement to every new project, virtually assuring successful results.