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10) Never accept a blind date your freshman year – nobody knows anybody well enough to set you up on a blind date.

9) Tell your mom where you are and where you’re going, its better she knows now than get your call later.

8) Unless your mother is there when you get it – no tattoos.

7) You may have earned a black belt – but don’t put yourself in stupid situations because of the confidence you have.

6) Don’t forget, creepy people can follow you on twitter and Facebook – and then ACTUALLY follow you.

5) Don’t forget: Your little sister, grandma, mom and dad ALL follow you in twitter and Facebook.

4) If your boyfriend does not look your dad in the eye and shake hands, acting like a southern gentleman at our first meeting – you can pretty much forget it.

3) Never hang with drunk stupid “friends” – you’ll be in all their drunk stupid photos on Facebook.

2) Nothing good happens after midnight. 

…And the number one piece of advice you give your incoming freshman daughter…

1) We know. We went to college too…