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ideamensch: Mark Cleveland Co-Founder of Hytch Rewards

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Mark is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of success. Leading various progressive companies, he and his teams have made a big impact on their respective industries. Mark is passionate about pursuing disruptive technologies and innovation. He’s been recognized with the NEXT Award for Entrepreneur of the Year, and named by Nashville Business Journal as one of the region’s Most Admired CEOs.

“You’re always either overpaid or underpaid; you’re never actually paid what you’re worth.” – My Grandpa"

Some Key Learnings in this article:

• Any idea that doesn’t get enough energy or attention simply fades into the void.
• Quitting is a habit. Never quit.
• Disruption will find you, so do what you can to embrace it. Full Feature...

Tennessean: Here is a climate friendly, cost-effective plan to reduce traffic congestion | Opinion

It’s a challenge, but the same political will we dedicate to supporting our region’s growth plan can be harnessed to solve our traffic problems.

"It's not rocket science. We all know what happens.  However, we don’t seem to realize that what is true for the micro environment in your garage is just as true for our macro environment, Earth."

Mark Cleveland frames the conversation around addressing congestion in Tennessee using immediately available options that lawmakers could leverage today.


Strategies he discusses include:

  • HOV lanes
  • Charging the right price for on-street parking
  • Implementing a Metro ordinance requiring all employers create a policy and plan for commute trip reduction
  • Banning drive-through windows


Read the full details for these strategies in Mark's article in the Tennessean >

Big Names In Transit Speak To Class About Solutions

Hytch offers a tool to increase participation in public transit. “Hytch is an incentive reward platform to get greater ridership on public transit and greater participation with more than one person in a car for ridesharing,” he said.

“We are for all forms of two-person-plus transportation,” Cleveland said. “A community’s mobility is directly related to its economic success.” Full feature…

Kickstarter Campaign Launches To Start Pilot Program In High Schools Around The Country

“Telemasters are already widely used as flight training aircraft because they fly so beautifully, so training is core to the brand,” explains Mark Cleveland. “It’s also used widely in university educational programs because a steady, heavy lifter like the Telemaster
® is such a great instrumentation platform. Full feature…

Nashville businesses get creative to solve parking crunch

Cleveland plans to break ground later this year, and his parking plan, or lack thereof, has been approved by the downtown design review committee. With the advancement of autonomous vehicles, it’s possible the self-driving car component will be part of the 2018 opening, he said.
 Full feature…

Local entrepreneur Mark Cleveland launches carpooling app Hytch

His [Mark’s] solution is called Hytch, an app that connects carpoolers. The idea is that Middle Tennessee passengers can be productive or relax and drivers can make money as they commute, all while taking cars off the road. By helping them find, organize and pay one another Hytch can increase the number of carpooling groups in the region.
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Sharing to help solve the snarles of traffic

What Air BnB did to match a house guest with that extra room in your home, Hytch does for empty seats in your car. Sharing the cost of a ride turns that unused asset into a money maker.” “…If you had 75 options available for sharing a ride, would you take advantage once in a while? Once a week?” Read full feature…

Nashville’s Admired CEOs of 2015: Mark Cleveland, Hobby Express

The Nashville Business Journal is pleased to announce this year’s Most Admired CEOs and Their Companies presented by Chase.
NBJ solicited nominations from the public, and nominees then voted on one another by category. Nominees in every category also voted on the Lifetime Achievement Award, which this year goes to Ron Samuels, of Avenue Bank.
Winners will be recognized at an awards dinner at Omni Nashville Hotel on Dec. 3
 and recognized in a special section in our Dec. 4 issue.”  Read Full Article…

If State Allows Driverless Cars, Credit Entrepreneur of Automated Budget Hotel

“Cleveland’s foresight could help Nashville attain up to $50 million in a Smart City grant from the United States Department of Transportation and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan, Inc. It could also change automobile transportation as we know it, with shared driverless cars eventually taking the place of many privately owned vehicles.” Full Article…