Nashville Radio Show: Hytch Rewards

Jeremy and Mark discuss environmentalism, mobility, entrepreneurism, and what makes Nashville special. “Technology developed in Nashville, tested and proven here, is making a difference in any community, with our new national initiative, carbon-zero commuting for everyone. Traffic congestion and emissions in Middle Tennessee – the challenges but also the opportunities. Nashville as a $7.5 billion emerging tech center – focusing on the collaborative entrepreneurial environment and challenges of tech innovation.” Visit the original Podcast on Nashville Radio Station

Hytch announces plan to make transportation carbon neutral nationwide

“Every business I’ve been in, no matter what business it was, fundamentally paid people to do what they wanted them to do,” Hytch co-founder Mark Cleveland tells Hypepotamus. “You either paid people to go to work and then you create incentives around doing better work. Every concept in business is about incentives … and nobody was applying this to transportation, which is stark raving madness in my eyes.”

“People have fantastic networks already, but they just don’t have the incentive, and the people that give them rides to work don’t have an obvious incentive,” says Cleveland. “We’ve created this tool set that leverages personal networks, and does so in a cost-effective way … because we’re creating a marketplace that’s hyperlocal and hyperpersonal.” Full feature...

Hytch – Social Enterprise and Sustainability Startup Winner at NEXT Awards 2018

The 2018 NEXT Award for Social Enterprise and Sustainability Startup is presented to Hytch, a Nashville-based social impact technology company that rewards people who lower carbon emissions, protect clean air and reduce traffic congestion through logging their shared commutes. The Hytch Rewards program provides a stable technology platform that businesses, government bodies and mass transit systems can use to reward commuters in ways that will uniquely improve the congestion and air quality issues in their local communities.    

Earth911 Podcast, Oct. 22, 2018: Sustainability in Your Ear — Hytch Reorganizes Your Commute

Hytch app CEO and founder, Mark Cleveland, explains how the company is working with employers, cities, and non-profits to provide small payments to people who share a car on the way to work by incentivizing sharing rides and carpooling.

Hytch – Emerging Company of the Year at NTC Awards 2018

Emerging Company of the Year is presented to Hytch by award sponsor Comcast Business. Hytch.Me is a smartphone application that pairs people together who have a similar commute so they can share the ride. Passengers can be productive or relax and drivers can make money as they commute, all while taking cars off the road. By helping them find, organize and pay one another Hytch can increase the number of carpooling groups in the region.

Agents Of Innovation Episode 31 Hytch A Ride With Serial Entrepreneur, Mark Cleveland

Agents Of Innovation Episode 31 
Hytch A Ride With Serial Entrepreneur, Mark Cleveland
The Agents of Innovation podcast features conversations with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and artists, hosted by Francisco Gonzalez. Episode 31 (September 2017) features an interview with entrepreneur Mark Cleveland of Nashville, Tennessee and founder of Click Here For Full Description – OR – Press Play Below To Listen To The Full Interview

The Stories Podcast – S1 E12: Mark Cleveland

“I’ve just come to believe that business is business, and it almost doesn’t matter what exactly you’re doing. All the principles are the same. The value systems are essentially the same. How you build a culture is a consistent thing; at least it is for me.”  Click Here For Mark’s Full Profile –  OR  – Press Play Below To Listen To The Full Interview