The Be Healthy Challenge – Day ONE

Last year a close friend joined the “Be Healthy Challenge” sponsored by the Brentwood Home Page.  Marybeth Army lost the weight she expected to, worked out daily and was really committed.  She picked up her fitness level and looks like a million bucks today.

Taz & I:. Ready to Tear It Up! She and others encourage me daily to achieve the level of fitness my lifestyle demands, my business is built around and my personal goals require.  But I’m too busy.  I’m always too busy…  I got a personal trainer for a while, I improved, I got comfortable, I quit… I got busy… As a result, I’m out of breath when I should not be.  Today, I’m looking at a report that says “30% body fat” and I’m not very happy with that. In my mind, I’m still a collegiate athlete.  I mountain bike and I am active, but I’m not fit.  That sucks. 

The first step is to admit it.  The second step is to find a dozen friends who will beat you senseless if you don’t commit and perform.  I hear I’m going to hate my trainer.  Great.

This is my first fitness blog.  It’s a tribute to my friends, my business partners, my customers who support me and to my new work out buddies. It’s also a thanks-in-advance to my wife, whom I love dearly, but who will have to listen to me moan and complain for the next several weeks… Sorry Baby. Picture Gwen Antypas, Lena Powers, Kaye Ivanoff, Dr Ashley Woods, Julie Wicks, my trainer Jason Huck from Chadwick’s Fitness & Performance Training, James Hurlburt, my other Trainer from CrossFit.