Tennessee Makes Top 10 List for Places to Watch in Autonomous Vehicle Developments

Meet Robby, the “piloted” autonomous Audi I was a big fan of David Letterman’s “TOP TEN” list.  His countdown to “…the number one reason why…” was my highlight of late night.  With far less cynical undertones, here is another “Top 10” list that brings a big smile — and evidence that Tennessee is thinking in the right terms about transportation solutions.

It’s the Top 10 Places to Watch for Autonomous Vehicle Developments offering information about the most innovative approaches to fostering self driving car technologies in American cities, counties and states.  Love the interactive map!

Introduced to start the conversation in Tennessee SB 1561 is a comprehensive attempt to address significant issues and bring enabling definitions into code.   

Innovation in Las Vegas offer a creative example for Metro Nashville leaders, or really anyone in a local leadership position who is paying attention to the topic.

The best example of leadership at the executive level features the Governor of Arizona’s Executive order 2015-09 directing strategies to address the promise and real opportunities of this fast emerging technology.

It’s not a question of when.  It’s a question of why not now.   Your car benefits from Moore’s Law while at the same time offering a significantly larger format for innovation.  To house the computing power for intelligent driving the auto industry (compared to computer industry) has no pressure to simultaneously make the product into something you can hold in your hand.  

Today’s cars are computers on wheels.  Imagine right now, David Letterman is about to say “…the number one reason why…” your car should just grow up and learn to drive itself is… because working from your garage, you could buy a car today that can be turned into an autonomous vehicle tomorrow.