The most difficult part of the Be Healthy Challenge for me is turning the work out time into my time.  Carving out the time.  I honestly don’t believe I would have gone this far in my fitness experiment unless I had a team to experience the workout with.

As a paying member of the YMCA, why do I never go?  


It’s great to have a personal trainer like Jason – to have an appointment.  It probably isn’t enough for me.  As I look forward, I wonder how I will maintain these young habits == what is my plan for the rest of my life?
I hate working out, but I love the pain after a work out.  I hate getting up early, but I love it when I do.  I hate  spending money, but I love to see I’m getting my money’s worth.  Is this a love hate relationship with fitness?

Within Team Red we have talked about continuing to work out together.  I’m experimenting with Jason in one on one work outs, where I know I get a different level of attention, but any hour so dedicated to cross training is a good hour….  

So what I plan to do is:
  1. Redefine time..  I’ll let you know when I figure that out.
  2. Find a work out class at the YMCA… hot yoga?  Sounds fun.
  3. Budget for a trainer… but get a better handle on fitness goals first
  4. Set some longer term goals… find more than one work out buddy
  5. Join the Mountain High Outfitters e-mail list and participate in their activities
In these last five weeks, I’ve reminded myself why I was fit when I was younger.  First, I was younger.  Second,  it was always about team sports, working out with friends and competition.  The BHC introduced competition, friends and mutual commitments to a fitness experience that I don’t think I would have pursued or remained dedicated to — without it.  

I work at Swiftwick with a lot of guys who can run 100 miles and train for that.  I don’t understand that goal, I respect and admire it for sure, but  …not enough to put that in my plan.